Keela : Ha

I teleport away from my tree house home to the Creatathedral, it was made a few weeks ago with help from telekinesis.

The air ripples and I disappear with my eyes closed tightly, the whole teleporting thing makes me travel sick easily. Spotting Flames and Abbie, I wave and run over. Then I see the huge hole in the wall that Abbie is fixing.

"Wow, that's crazy. Who did that?"

“Very good question,” Abbie replies, then in seconds the hole is gone and the wall is as good as new. I drag her over to a small space where Flames can’t hear.

“I bet I can get Flames to smile.”

“Yeah right, she hasn’t smiled in a few centuries. She might have lost the ability to smile forever.”

“I’ll bet you a dome.”

“No kidding.”

“Hey, be serious.” I give Abbie a solemn look. “I think I am.”

Skipping back to Flames, Abbie follows me slowly.

“Hey Flames,” she turns to me, the edges of her mouth pointing downwards. “Laughing competition, now.”


“Oh come on, you’ll probably win anyway.”

“No.” Nevertheless, I stare straight into her eyes. She stares back expressionlessly. I keep my face straight, then make my nose bigger and smaller.

“What the-” Flames exclaims, then giggles quietly.

“Ha, I win!” I wink at Abbie who groans in return.

The End

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