I tumble through the vortex then bang. I hit the floor of my destination hard.

"Oh my gosh are you alright?" I look up to see bright yellow eyes that I know all to well.

"Mother" I choke. She looks taken aback as I get to my feet.

But how can she not believe I'm her daughter. Well, I did just travel in time of the kingdom which no one knows properly exists.

But I have physical evidence I'm her daughter from my sparking but slightly muddy yellow hair. Although my eyes show more resemblence of my father. There sea blue with specks of yellow in them.

"Who are you?" My mother, Winter whispers.

"I'm your daughter" I say calmly. I look around. "Where's dad?" I ask.

"Wait, if your my daughter then your father must be.." she goes bright red and I can't help but laugh.

"And dad was right" I giggle. I mean I am only 7 year old.

Winter shakes her head then looks straight at me.

"When we're you born?" She asks. I look at my time watch.

"Ten months after the battle ended so...... in 3 months and 3 weeks you'll be pregnant" I say smiling. She gawks shocked.

"Can we go and see dad" I moan.

Winter blinks then shakes her head. "It's dark to dangerous to go out" She says sternly and I know I won't win this battle.

I sigh. "Fine"

"What are your powers?" she asks.

"Um, electronic explosions, healing and this bracelet that was invented time travel. My work" I say smiling.

"God you really are my daughter" she whispers.

"Well, shouldn't you at least contact dad" I say smiling.

The End

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