James: Dark

I kiss Winter agian as we depart to our houses.

" Be careful oh and don't forget if you change you mind you know where I live" I say wondering if I should have added I love you? Probably to sappy. I turned around and slipped into a alleyway.

 Times where dark , and I wished I had stayed with Winter I knew she was fully capable of protecting her self , but things have changed. Walking down a street could be the possibly be the last thing you do as the Demon of the maze was controlling everything. I walk along the shadows to be as discrete as possible. I have never seen a warzone but I imagined one looked like this abandoned broken grimy building, half destroyed.  A few recently killed and mugged body laid bleeding on the streets.

My fists clenched , becuase I felt powerless to stop this chaos. I had lost my family again for the second time in my life a month ago. I finally get to a row of somewhat lively buildings the inhabitants of these building where fighting for whatever was left of the Kingdom.  It was a safehouse in a ways but I was sure an unorganised attack would destroy the safehouse.  I walked into a building with a heavily metal door with many enchantments , and other things to ward of enemies. I knocked then stated my name , and ability. A metalic arm shot out of the door slightly surprising me for a second , and touched my forehead verifying that was indeed me. The door clicked and opened slowly not making a sound. It an old aparment building and I lived in the underground area, safer than the rooms up top.

I walked down the lengthy battered concrete stairs with loads of graffiti speaking of death , and other morbid thoughts. I looked for a specific one the only positive which said.

" where there is hope, their must be courage, and where there is courage is love. Don't let evil break you!"

This was written in an image of fist clutching a a sword piercing a blackened heart I guessed that signified evil.  I put my hand against the image and wished that this would all come to an end.  I turned a left to a hallway of many brown doors with room numbers , and loads of notes saying vacant due to death. I didn;t want to think that all these rooms will be filled shortly replacing the former owners of the rooms.  Mine was at the end of the hall it was laced with a explosive line that I learned to make shortly before this all began. Only Winter , and Keela could enter without my presence.  I haven't seen abbie or flames for a while but was sure they where alive. Next time I saw them I would make an effort to change my security measures. 

In my room was a mess of clothing, I hadn't had the time to clean it almost every other minute of my life was spent fighting or sleeping well more like worrying about my friends and waking with every nightmare. This had to change.

The End

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