Skye: Bound and Broken

The Daemon sits down on his black throne. I step out of the shadows to stand at his side. I don't like being here- who would?- but of course, I was stupid, I got myself bound to the Daemon. I'm his personal servant, though I don't like it. I just had to go and die right when the afterlife was going crazy didn't I? Though my name fits me now...

Flashback mode

"Hey, Skye! Come on, we're going to go to that old electricity place!" the voice of one of my friends says. I look up from my notepad. It's Brianna. I run my fingers through my short pixie cut hair and stand up. We run off to the electric power station...

A few days later

One of the men drags me through the door. It's dark, I can't see, and there's a thunderstorm overhead. I try to escape but there's too many, too strong. They strap me to a table, flat on my back. The cuffs feel cold and I realise they're metal. All the images of people being put to death by electric chair from that project we did in school flood into my head. I know this will be more or less the same thing. It says it's like burning inside. I look around but there's no electric supply. I almost sigh in relief when I see one of the men attaching a wire to a strip of metal on the wall. I follow it to the roof, where it disappears. I remember seeing a lightning conductor on the roof but nothing else...
Lightning Conductor.
 I scream as the lightning runs through the metal and burns me. One of the men shoves a cloth over my mouth and nose. I can't breathe, I dying of suffocation and lightning...

Flashback mode off

Then I was here. I discovered my powers soon enough. Lightning and Air, two of the elements. I joined the Freedom because it sounded better, I always preferred republics to monarchy's. I heard about Winter and Flames, they didn't know they were twins till they died and they both almost killed the daemon. I wish I could but I can't use my powers because the strength needed would probably kill me. 

"So, Skye," says the daemon in his horrible grating jeering voice. "I want you to go out, find those three and either make them come to me or seriously wounded. Do you understand?"

I don't want to at all- from what I've heard if I tryed to kill Winter she'd kill me first- but I know that if I don't do as he wants then he'll kill me anyway. And there's no life after this one. I leave the building and take out my anger on a tree nearby. I charge electricity in my hand, it forms into a sort of ball, and throw it at the tree. A bolt of lightning instantly hits it leaving nothing but ashes which I blow away using air. I then follow the trio at a distance. I hope they don't notice me.

The End

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