Winter Back

I kneel James and Keela behind me. "Yes.... Sir" I force out.

I hate this.

"Ah, Winter. I know I can't unbind you as the Guardian and your.... apprentices. But I must ask for total allegence"

I look up at him. "My allegence is to the Kingdom" I hiss. Aka, I still wish the Creator ruled these lands.

Daemon grabs my neck and slams me against the wall. James jumps up but I shake my head.

I don't dare use my powers. So know electricity, force fields or healing.

My yellow eyes flash angrily and I know my yellow hair is sparking with electricity on its own.

"Hmm" he drops me. "You may go"

He walks back to his throne and all of us make our quick escape. As soon as the doors close James pulls me to him and kisses me.

Keela sighs and walks off. "See you two later" She calls back.

I break away from James slightly.

"Be careful Keela" I call.

"Will do" She says back.

I sigh and turn back to James who pushes a piece of hair back behind my ears.

"Fancy staying with me for the night" he whispers.

"Oh, James. You know I'd love to but.... Not right now. Everythings to confusing" I say shaking my head at the end.

He sighs and begins to walk down the hallway me at his side with his arm round my waist.

"This is not fair" he mumbles. I put a hand to his cheek and he looks at me.

"Things will work out" I say calmly.

"Yeah, when Winter. I don't know how long I can wait" He says angrily.

"Me to but....." I sigh and he hugs me.

"I don't want to push you into anything" he mutters and kisses me. "You're still welcome to stay though"

I nod and lean against him.

The End

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