Flames: Hell Fire, Heaven Flame

Hell Fire, Heaven Flame. Everywhere burns now because of me. Ok I don't mean that literally because I create fire and I think I'm the only one who can but seriously. No where has been left unaffected by that damned demon.

I throw another fireball skywards. It burns out before it can come down again. I don't see why Abbie keeps telling me it's not my fault because it is. I bothered fainted and I didn't even kill him.

I sit down and create a ring of fire around me. It's what I do now when I want to be left alone. And I do it a lot.

"Hey, Flames!" I look up. I see Abbie running towards me, her eyes red and purple as usual since the split. Yet another thing that's my fault.

"What is it," I mutter, stopping the fire.

"The Creatathedral has a hole in it. Come on, come with me," she says. No one's been properly happy for ages now. I finger the gold and silver medal round my neck. I put it on a chain because the ribbon ripped, and anyway it's more like a pendant than a medal.

"Fine, I'll come," I say, getting up. I might as well, anywhere I might be able to burn a few Freedomers.

The End

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