Abbie: A Tear in Society

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzz

I look at my phone. 

Mr Makins
Job time

I sigh and roll off my bed. I'm stressed and angry. Mr Makins says that my eyes have been a violent shade of purple with crimson round the edges ever since it happened. I throw my room key on the desk as I pass the reception and the once-friendly woman glares at me. She's on the Daemon side: 'The Freedom'. Ever since she chose her side, there have been a load of new rules for the hotel. If you're on the Creator's side, which happens to still be the Kingdom, then you have to give your key in every time you go out and get it back only when you need to go in your room. That's one of them. They're basically just loads of bad stuff directed towards people from the Kingdom.

I bet you're thinking 'what the heck is she on about?'. Well, Winter and Flames thought they killed the Mazer daemon, but they actually just weakened him. He got all his strength back, and more. The Kingdom has been split. See, the Daemon is the Creator's brother. And, no offence to her, but he's the entire reason this whole ordeal happened. It all goes down to him because he's just a selfish git. Grr! And now Flames thinks this is all her fault! HE just created a big tear in society. Now all the people who are on the Daemon side hate all the people from the Kingdom. And another thing! The daemon called his side 'the Freedom'. And he did it to lure newcomers onto his side! ARGH! I hate him so much!

"Abbie? Are you OK?" Mr Makins asks as I slam the door to his office.

"Fine" I mutter stiffly. I haven't been at all fine for the last few months.

"Come now Abbie. Your making a bigger deal out of this than necessary."

"Am I? Coz the guy who tried to kill me is now ruining the whole Kingdom and one of my best friends who would be alive if it weren't for him thinks it's her fault!"

"It isn't Flames's fault"

"Try telling her that!"

"Abbie, please. At least try to be happy. All you have to do today is help me fix the hole in the side of the cathedral and then you can go back to the hotel"

"I don't want to spend my time in that stinking hotel. Let's just go. I need to find Flames anyway" I mutter and then storm off in the direction of the creatathedral. I'm in a constant bad mood.

The End

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