Hillary Hues: Well... This is different.

"Stop! All of you! Enough!"

Whoa! I think to myself as I jog lightly through the front gates.  What the hell? This school has change so much; I swear I was only gone for a fortnight...

"Can you believe it?" A kid says further down the pack.

Another girl whispers back is hushed, urgent whispers, "I know, like, this is better then, like, when the boys' ice hockey game, like, turned, like, real bad." Learn to speak properly, please and ditch the bloomin' likes. How old are you, twelve?

I look her over again and realise she must be in her early teens... My bad. I push my short, chestnutty, slightly wavy hair behind my elfish ears. I tap my lean caramelised hand on a random kid's shoulder, "Hey, do you know what's happening, here?"

He turns around to me, I hide the smirk at his height, bless. He must be only 4'8. How cute! Now, as a Goddess (oh, I do like saying that...) I have the small... incy, wincy problem of shocking people, which can be incredibly amusing and annoying at the same time.

"Umm... I... Umm..." he stammers. Gosh.

I smile kindly, "Excuse me, please." I move him to the side a little bit and slip through the crowd trying to see over the mass of people. I see a demon who seems shocked at her own vocal power, a couple of werewolves and a mass of other kids gawping and lurking about.

"Hey, Luna, is it? Could you try to explain, you know, what's going on here?" I smile kindly; she nods...very...slowly...

The End

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