Luna- What's happening to me?

It’s quiet in the bathroom during lessons. The heavy wooden doors muffle the noise of the classes going on round about, so that the teachers’ voices drone like lazy summer bumblebees. Nobody approaches, nobody comes in- they’re all under threat of detention. Hidden behind the cubicle door, it could be a different world. So, a perfect place for an angry half-demon to calm down.


Destruction- screams a voice inside me that seems to be connected to my fists as clouds of dust rise all around.


But it's countered instantly. She was only curious


but she humiliated you-


She humiliated herself too.


It takes a couple of minutes of angry internal debate before I realise- I’m actually having this debate. Although the tiled walls of the cubicle are now cracked like the earth before it rains, the entire bathroom isn’t a wreck. The cubicle door, for instance, is still locked but very much on its hinges. The soap dispensers are still half-full of the pink foam that qualifies as soap around here, and as for the long blue ring of towel on the towel rail… I’ve even tried to explain Gloria’s strange and embarrassing actions to myself, to control my rage, and that, for a demon, is pretty rare indeed.


What’s happening to me?


The final bell goes to signal the end of class just as I slide the metal bolt out the door. Hardly knowing where I’m going, I lope towards the gates, but before I’m half-way there, I hear shouts.


Stormy and Gloria are on the ground, struggling. Gloria, human, looks distinctly unwell, the colour draining from her face as she winces in pain; Stormy, on the other hand, in werewolf form, is terrifying, a savage creature, all fur and teeth and angry inhuman growls. All around, other students are shouting encouragement, screaming in fear or filming it on videophones to put on the internet when they get home. It’s absolute chaos.


Before I have chance to think about it, a voice calls out “Stop! All of you! Enough!”


Everyone falls silent. The eyes of what seems to be half the school swivel round away from Gloria- who smiles weakly- and Stormy and instead, turn to face me. They look at me as if I am in charge, as I can control this strange wolf fight by the gate.


Oh my goodness- that voice- I think it was me.

The End

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