Gloria- "Running into" New People

Wow. I never knew Stormy could last out till school ended! My stamina was slowly dwindling into nothing, and she just seemed to be warming up. People didn't give much interest. To most werewolves, this was a simple game of tag. And I was going to lose this wonderful game, along with a limb. Some howled as we passed by, others simply avoided, I began to slow down drastically. I felt her breath on my neck.

"Pick up the pace, small one!" One of the werewolves screamed out from the crowd. What? They thought this was a horse race or something? Since they found it so funny, I decided to play a little trick. I took a sharp right, and headed straight for the group of werewolves. "What do you think your doing, small one!?" The same guy yelled as he swiftly dodged. I turned back and started to charge right at him, forgetting Stormy behind me. I was beginning to lose control. I steam rollered straight into him. He held onto my ears and screamed, afraid of falling off. His arms blocked my vision. I rammed straight into an unexpected stranger at the gate. I stopped. She was not a werewolf, she could be hurt. The ware wolf slid of my face. "I’m...ok." He grunted a he flopped to the floor. I looked for the girl I had rammed into. She was slammed up against the lockers, looking slightly dazed. I began to tentatively walk up to her. I changed back into my human form, and sat next to her. "I’m so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." She looked at me slightly scared, her dark eyes stared at something behind me. From her smell, I guessed she was a half in half. Half God, and I think half vampire. I couldn't tell for sure. "Um...I'm ok," Her eyes were still piercing into something behind me, "but I don't think you are." Her voice shook. A low growl erupted inside my ears. A large paw smashed me to the floor. I felt a hot breath on my shoulders. Crap...I forgot about Stormy.


The End

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