Kanti: Belonging

After that first lesson I expected Ashton to walk away as soon as the bell went and not speak to me for the rest of the day.  Instead he slowly packed away his things, making small talk with me as we walked out of the classroom together.

He spent the rest of the day talking to me whenever he saw me in lessons or in the hall.  It was weird having someone wave at you as everyone moved from classroom to classroom.  It was also nice having someone to sit with in the occasional lesson Ashton and I shared.

He was funny and ready to make fun of himself at every avaliable opportunity.  It felt so good to laugh with someone, even if the rest of our year stared at us.

I didn't have my last lesson of the day with him and wondered what I should do.  I wasn't sure if I should wait for him and say see you tomorrow or just go home.  Luckily I shouldn't have bothered because as soon as I walked out the front of school I saw him sitting on the front steps, surrounded by other people.

I kept my head down and quickly walked past them, hoping he wouldn't notice me.  'Hey, Kanti!'  I turned around to see him running after me.  'I was hoping I would see you.  A group of us are going out later, there's a new film on at the cinema, and I was wondering if you wanted to come.'  I looked behind him at his group of friends.  There were vampires, demons and gods but no mixed breeds.

'Are you sure they won't mind?'  Ashton shrugged.

'I don't think so, why would they?'

'People have never really liked me that much.'  The questioning look on Ashton's face made me continue.  'I'm a mixed breed, I don't fit in.'

'Well I think that is stupid.  You are coming with us tonight and that is the end of this conversation.'  He got a scrap of paper out of his school bag and scribbled something on it.  'I'll pick you up at seven, text me your address.'  My eyes went wide.  A guy had given me his number!

'Seven, OK.'  I smiled, not quite sure what else to do, as he walked back to his group of friends.

The End

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