Gloria - My Wonderful Gym Partner

I will most probably be forever in debt to Stormy. She is the greatest most wonderful friend a girl could ask for. Not a single person (or half in half as in her case) has ever stood up for me. My old friends would have ostracised me and called me a freak till I apologised to them, if I had done that in my old school. Yeah, I know, I had really great friends, right?  

Anyway, right now my really great, bestest, most courageous friend had just found out what it meant to be a half in half. Her rage had transformed her into a kind of werewolf....or more appropriately, a demonic werewolf. I couldn’t help myself (recently I haven’t been able to help myself very often....maybe it’s a werewolf thing), but I just had to hug her. She seemed so...fluffy. And so what if her teeth were the size of elephant tusks, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t bite me. Well, I was right about one thing, she didn’t bite me, but she did hurl me two meters across the gym. Ouch. Luckily, my bones are pretty strong (got that from my dad’s werewolf half), so I just got slightly bruised. It was then when I remembered rule number one about my werewolf dad in a bad mood....never, ever touch him. Don’t look at him, don’t, go two feet near him, don’t even think about him, cause if you do, you become a threat, and if you’re a threat, he will hunt you down all night long, till he transformed back, or till you’re not a threat. That’s how ma met dad. He was angry, she started petting him, and he chased her half way across the city, and it was love at first sight! But I’m a part werewolf, so, I shouldn’t be much of a threat right? ....Wrong!! It was because I was a werewolf that I was a bigger threat, and even if I try to transform into my mediocre week werewolf state, she was a lot more powerful, because she had the demon blood to back her up, not to mention the bit of Godliness, and the ability to suck my blood from my veins. I was part human, I could control my werewolf state better then others, but I am also alot weaker than a full werewolf.

“This is not going to end well....” I thought, as I ran for my life out the gym doors. She was about three times faster than my human form, so I had no choice, but to transform, and hope I could keep out till...well.....till whenever.

The End

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