Gloria- *Sniff* *Sniff*

"Luna smells weird” I spoke to Stormy as we walked to History. “I like how she smells, but I can’t identify it, it’s so annoying you know, to be unable to identify what you smell.”

“Nope, sorry, I don’t know.” She answered frankly. I knew she was bored, but I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t get Luna out of my head. 

“It’s like it was with you, I liked you’re smell, but I couldn’t identify it.”

“Interesting” she replied as she yawned.

“I need to know, what she is.” I looked at Stormy; she seemed to have turned off."What do you think she is?”  She was silent. I continued to stare.

“I’m sorry, did you ask something? She asked, as she turned to gaze back into my hostile stare.

“Humph!” I complained, as I turned away from her.

“I’m sorry,” she said apologetically, “I’m really just interested in getting to History.”

“Fine, Ill shut up.....but seriously, they say she’s a demon, but.......” I stopped. I smelt her. She wasn’t too far away. In fact she was close. Very close.

Hidden behind the door of her locker, and a spiral bound black covered book, stood the most curious, creature in my life at that point. Luna.

“What are you!?” I demanded as I slammed her locker door shut. She was taken aback with surprise. Stormy stood a short distance away, staring at the scene I was about to make.

“Um.....”Luna seemed more scared than angry. “I’m...a demon.” She answered unsurely as she averted her eyes away from mine. I went up close, perhaps to close for comfort, and began sniffing her neck. (It’s probably the most embarrassing and werewolf part about me. I instinctually look to my sense of smell so as to figure out anything weird in the world. Once, I began sniffing my math question paper when I thought there was a weird equation I couldn’t solve.)

“Lire, you have the slight scent of a demon, but it’s all mixed up. I can’t tell the other scents” I lifted her hand, and began rubbing my nose, up and down the length of it.

“Um.....Gloria?” Stormy inquired. I ignored her, and began smelling Luna’s palm.Luna was staring at me with a mixture of horror and embarassment in her eyes. 

“GOD,” I yelled out probably as loudly as Einstein had yelled ‘Eureka’, “You got a bit of God in you!” I heard her gulp hard, and began to pull her hand back. I held on to it tightly. What the heck was she so afraid of?  I continued sniffing, she seemed scared of something, but it wasnt my sniffing.

“Um....Gloria,” Stormy almost whispered, “I think you should stop.” I ignored her. “Please Gloria, stop.” Her voice sounded slightly on edge. I continued to drown out her voice. Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t have been so bad if I had listened to her.

Giggles and the stifled laughs of the students around reached my ears. I heard the click of a camera, the beep of a tape recorder, and the whispers of ammused students.

“GLORIA! STOP IT!” Stormy yelled almost on desperation. I did, I turned, and at that moment I wish a hole had opened up beneath my feet and taken me way down underground, where I would have lived as a hermit forever and ever, amen. 

Everyone, from students to teachers was staring. Some had taken and were taking pictures. A group of werewolves were shaking their heads in disapproval at my obvious lack of self control. There was only one, who looked alot like a Vampire (I couldn’t tell) who was looking unbiased towards me. I caught her gaze; she turned away and blushed, in embarrassment. What did she have to be embarrassed of? It was then when I realized; vampires do not blush. Her face and clothes may have screamed vampire, but her red cheeks and the glitter in her eyes told me she was a god. Could it be another mixed breed, of a vampire and a God of all creatures!? I actually found that quite cool.

Luna pulled her hand out of mine. I was apparently still holding on to it. Her face was red, more with rage than embarassment. Crap. I didnt bank on offending her. A bit of her scent had stuck to my hand. It resonated with my own scent. I'd got it. Eureka once more.“That last bit...she’s got a bit of werewolf in her” Id got it, her weird combination, and the price I paid you ask? My dignity, my ability to walk proudly in the school corridors for the rest of my life, or at least until it all blew over; but what was worse, I think I nlew the slight friendship I had with Luna. Her face looked like she wanted to rip everyone in that hallway to shreds.

I think my respect for Stormy swelled that day, since she was not afraid to walk around with me, despite the dorky scarf over my head, and snide remarks from the 'I love Luna' Fan Club, but something bugged me more then my fall from dignity. The thing is, every time I conclude one mystery, another one poped up. First Stormy, then Luna andnow.....

"Half vampire half God..." Stormy thought after I asked her,"Do you mean Kanti?"


The End

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