Luna: I am the demon child

Firstly, I'm not a demon. I'm half-blood. Half demon, half god- and with a bit of werewolf thrown in for good measure. It's been a couple of years since I found out and I don't know the exact circumstances; it's not really the topic of conversation at the table, oddly enough; but I know one thing- being half god, half demon brought up in a family of gods is enough to give anyone an identity crisis.

I also know a lot of other pointless trivia. It's a lot easier to survive at school if you go by, keeping your head down and trying to avoid trouble, and when you're a demon, it's positively essential, at least unless you want to be expelled in your first week. The trouble I've wanted to cause... let's just say it's better for everyone to spend all my spare time in the library, trying to hide from a world in which I no longer fit. You'd be surprised how much I can learn, how much I can absorb just from being around so much learning. How if you do this for long enough, people forget that you once had a voice, and opinions, and friends.

But today, that was different, something strange. That girl in the library, the werewolf. Half blood too, like me. Perhaps that was it, that I saw some reflection of myself in her? She was looking for something, I had the answer. I helped her. Maybe I'm more godlike than I thought?

As I'm contemplating this thought- and it's a good thought, so I'm trying to make it last a long time, like sucking a pear drop until it's only a splinter- a couple walk through the hallway in front of me. The boy is carrying the girl's books and they're gazing at each other with the kind of adoration you see on cheesy tv adverts. A kind of anger rises up in my stomach and in spite of the anti-psychotics that seem to work at controlling the worst excesses of demonaic behaviour I have the sudden irrational urge to hurt them. A lot.

No, I'm a demon through and through, whatever my geneology might say. The other students, the teachers, society in general...they don't need half-breeds impinging upon them more than is absolutely necessary, especially not those. Already, I can tell that there's some kind of chaos on the horizon- you can't let in that many of the Kind without causing serious issues.

The teacher's beginning to write something on the board, I'd better look like I'm doing some work.

The End

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