Kanti: Boredom...well maybe not so much

I hate going to school, it's such a lonely place.  I think I scared Stormy away, she only lasted a few minutes before hurrying off to class.  I sauntered to my lesson expecting to be avoided like the plague. 

I sloched down into my plastic chair and waited for the lesson to start.  No-one really talked to me so I put my iPod in and turned the music up blocking out everything around me.

'What's up with you?'  A warm hand was on my shoulder and the seat next to me was filled.

'Umm.... nothing why do you want to know?'  This was a completely new experience for me, I had never had someone I didn't know sit next to me in a lesson before certainly not a guy.

'You just looked depressed and seeing as I'm a naturally happy person I wanted to put a smile on your face.'  He held out his hand.  'Ashton.'

'I'm Kanti.'  I shook his hand.  He was gorgeous, tanned, tall with a well shaped body and laughing green eyes.  His smile, which made my knees wobble was also infectious.

'See I knew I could do it.'  We both laughed.  'So let me guess you're a vampire.'  He looked so confident he was right I couldn't bear to tell him he was wrong.

'Half right.  I'm also half-god.'  Here it comes, he'll make some excuse and go sit at another desk.

'That's immense.  And here's me thinking I'm special because I'm a werewolf.'  I smiled again.  He didn't care about what I was.  Unfortunately for me the teacher walked in at that moment and we couldn't talk.  But for the first time in a while I felt happy. 

The End

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