Gloria Fren - Curiosity Killed the Wolf

I hate libraries. I really do. Every time I enter one, I get that eerie vibe that someone out back is watching me.  It’s just too silent and creepy for my liking. But today, the library was my only option. I happen to be a very curious person, and there happened to be a certain person I was curious about; Stormy, The half breed.

So into the library I go. I walk in, greeted by the usual stares from dork-faced demons and mediocre gods. I take the only vacant seat near a student, hidden behind a brown covered, thick text book. And there began my next problem- where the heck do I begin looking, the Reference Section, History section, Self Study Section, bla bla bla. They went on and on and on.

“What are you looking for?”The girl next to me asked in a bland expressionless voice.

“Um....How do you know I’m looking for anything?”I did not appreciate strangers poking their nose in my business. 

“I can see your confusion, “She answered, “and wish to help your kind.”

“My kind?” What did this woman think!? That I couldn’t help myself?! That I was inferior or something!?

“Yes, I do enjoy the company of the wolves. They are kind and loyal creatures by nature.”

“I’m only... ” She cut me off midsentence.

“Yes, half wolf and half human, I know.”

Strangely enough, I started to feel at ease with this, strange, and abnormal girl. It was her eyes. Something in those pale blue eyes that made me feel relaxed. I admired her features. Silver hair, pale fair skin, and pale blue eyes, all so perfect, like a porcelain doll lying on a mantel piece; so beautiful, yet, so expressionless.

“I’m looking for information on Half Breeds.”I answered dropping my defensive air.

“You won’t find information in the library. But I can tell you if you like”

“Ok. Spit.”

“Half breeds,” she began to speak like a recording, “are exceedingly rare. They may either be born with the techniques and abilities of all the different species of creatures, or be born with none of their abilities and only their outward appearances. The manifestation of Half Breeds in the past century has all occurred only in the time of dire crisis. Some say their emergence is a dark omen from the universe, others claim they are saviours, sent to redeem the Earth in a time of great turmoil. They are very powerful, and have been blessed with gifts they them self may never discover” She closed the brown book and stopped.

“Ok.....”I answered.  The silence was slightly awkward. I wasn’t sure whether to say thank you or not, as it would seem like I was saying thank you to a tape recorder. She made it simple for me, by gracefully lifting herself from her seat, and making her exit. She stopped mid way.

“Mind you,” she added, “If there is a half breed in this school, there is sure to be a...let’s just say ... a problem, far more devastating than any of the ones history has ever seen.”  

With that she walked out. The second she was out, I was surrounded by a horde of people. It seemed she had trapped me onto a false sense of security. I was not conscious of the millions of eyes trained on my backside while she spoke to me, but now, it felt as though I’d been stabbed by something long and sharp.

“How the heck did you get Luna to speak to you!?” they enquired, staring at me with the eyes of a small child waiting for their mother to tell them a bed time story.

“Who?” I asked.

“LUNA! The Demon you were talking to!”They answered.

“What’s so great about talking to her?” I was generally confused.

“She is Luna, the Demon of the Moon, known to rival more than 99% of the Gods in this school, some even give her the status of a God! Any of this rings a bell!”A girl with a pointed nose answered. They seemed almost insulted I’d never heard of her.

“I’m new in school.”I explained.

“She never speaks ... to anyone!” they stared at me in expectation.

“Ok...well, I’m going back to class.”What else am I supposed to say, I hate irritating questions and crowds. Well, all the way to class I was surrounded by a cloud of people, chattering and interrogating like the freaking paparazzi.

“I hate libraries.” I muttered, as I took my usual seat next to Stormy, amd the cloud disperssed.

“What happened to you?” she asked, sensing my foul mood.

“What do you know about Luna?” I asked.

The End

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