OK new school, new start.  That's what I tell myself everytime I start afresh and nothing ever changes.  I sit alone at lunch, not eating anything.  Being half-god I don't need to feed as much as other vampires do which is good because I hate it.  It also means that the vampires are scared of me because they see me as 'better' than them.  I'm stronger, faster and more agile.

The gods don't accept me either because I'm not pure.  I wander around the school.  I see the same old faces and some new ones.  There is one girl who catches my eye, she is like me, she doesn't fit into any stereotype. She's a bit of all of us.  I follow her for a while in a stalkerish manner and then decide I am going to make a go of it.

'Hi.'  She turns round startled.  I do that a lot to people.  'I'm Kanti.'  I smile, it feels nice.

'I'm Stormy.'  We smile at each other for a bit.  I'm not dure what to say, I've never had friends like this before.

'How long have you known?'  I guess this is a good place to start.

'Known what?'  Can she really be unaware of who she is?

'That you're a half-blood.'

'Why is everyone saying this today!'  I'd hit a nerve.

'Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you it's just I thought you were like me.'  I tried to back track.

'What do you mean like you?'

'I'm half-god, half-vampire.'  I smiled sadly.  'People like me are sort of rare so I don't fit in any group.  Like you.'

The End

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