Stormy: Classes

I was walking down the hallway, getting glares from girls, and lust looks from boys. There was one though that was just looking at me like I might be a god, it was a guy. I went to English next, not knowing who I was going to sit by. And guess what? It was that boy.

I looked at him, he was still staring, jaw hanging wide open. I sighed and looked at the teacher talking about nouns. We had already gone over this stuff. He was still staring at me, only from the corner of his eye though. I finally talked to him.

"What's your deal?" He looked at me, yet again, but not with his mouth open.

"I.. I just... Your awesome! Your the first person ever to be all of the four Kinds," he threw his hands up in excitment.

"And you must be... Who?"

"Caleb Jennison, god." He smiled, I didn't belive him about me being all four. Like that would ever happen, but at least I had a friend. He was pretty cute, too, baby cute though. "You don't believe me do you?" I shook my head, and he sighed. "You'll believe it sooner or later," then he turned back to the board.

People were still staring at me in the hallway, it was irritating.

"WHAT'S SO AMUSING!? I'm a regular human, mind your own buisness," I yelled.

"Yea your some regualr human," Gloria said. I looked at her, she was twirling her black curly hair. I fumed, I was still mad about the people staring at me. "See Stormy, your not a regular human, and neither am I. All the humans that stayed here are half of the Kind, but you, you are extremelly special. Your all four!"

"I'm not falling for that agian, this one god told me the same thing." I was still confused, and mad. That's not a good state to catch me in.

"Whatever, it's true, and your going to get curious. Just ask your parents were you came from, trust me, you'll get the answers." With a flip of her hair, and a turn on her toe, she was gone.

The End

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