People stare. In the department store, walking on the beach, or even jogging in the park, people stare. That’s what you get from being too beautiful. I’m not trying to be arrogant or anything, the truth is the truth. So it wasn’t an odd feeling to see people staring as I walked down the corridors of this odd little school. I just tried not to remember that they weren’t staring because I was beautiful, but because I was different. I was human, well, most of me any way.

I walked into the cafeteria, and instead of the usual stares I recieved when I entered other school cafeterias, I was greeted by the alarming smell, of what I think was meant to be my lunch,(Let’s just say a guy’s old football snicker smelt better) . Either way, the other three humans at the table looked too nervous to stare. I looked around the table. I hadnt met these three yet. I’d already met the fourth girl before, in class, she must have been late or something. She was pretty cool. It's just something about her that intruiged me. It was her aura.... I’d never felt so...strange, like a power different from that of a demon, God, or any other creature, even though she is human. God only knows what that is.

I stared at the gloop in my plate. Then at the other three munching the gloop quietly, their heads bowed.

"Is that supposed to be eaten?" I asked the other three as I poked the gelatinous substance with my fork. The boy across the table from me nodded.

"You can’t expect more from a place that accommodates five humans a year." The boy across me replied. "It’s not that bad just try it."

"I’m not touching that stuff with a barge pole." I commented as I admired my flawless ebony skin and green eyes in the nicely polished spoon, and lifted my legs on the table (just cause I’m beautiful doesn’t mean I’m elegant). The other three stopped munching and stared at the soles of my feet. My feet looked more appetizing then the gloop any way, and they defiantly smelt better!

Realizing that my feet probably were not helping their appetite, I let them drop to the floor, grudgingly and continued admiring myself.

Till she walked in.

She was the one I’d met in class. The one with the wicked strange aura. Her name was Stormy Grey. The second she entered, a chill ran down my spine. At first, I thought it was just me, but then, I looked at the faces of the other three sitting on the table. They could feel it too. They were frozen on the spot. They couldnt move, nor could I. I tried to refrained from staring, and smiled politely as she sat next to me. The rest tried to continue eating as well. But for the first time, I was the one who couldnt help staring, as she shoveled a spoon full of gloop in her mouth. The other three just stared all the same. She looked up. She noticed us staring. My nerves forced look away and shovel a spoon full of gloop in my mouth. It had no taste. I didn't bother looking up again. I just kept forcing down what was suposed to be food.I didn't look at the others or at Stormy. I just quietly shovelled my gloop down my throat. 


The End

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