First Day

The Kind didn't get to the school until lunch time, which was odd. The Kind ate different things, which made the cafeteria ladies frantic. The vampires had to leave the school grounds, and the werewolves just ate too much. The gods could only eat the best fruits and vegetables, freshly picked. The demons were another story, they ate the same food as humans, but they drank a special liquid. The liquid was unknown, the demons brought it themselves. 

I went to go sit down with the other four humans, the only four. The only person I really knew was Gloria Fren, we had a few classes together. I sat at the round table next to her, all the other people were engrossed in their food. I looked down at my food, I almost couldn't eat because I was so nervous. But I said almost, I never turn down food. I looked around at my surroundings, finding the Kind looking at me. At me!!

I looked back down at my food, then I picked up the fork and ate. Everyone was quiet, even the Kind. 

The End

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