The Kind

Stormy Grey's school is changing. Ever since the other creatures of the Earth have emerged into humans' lives Stormy has been meeting face to face with vampires, werewolfs, gods, demons, and even talikng creatures? When Srormy finds out that she is a half-blood, which means she is half of every Kind, she is the center of attention.

"Ok class I would like to anounce that The Kind have chosen our school," Mr. Gorham said.

"Great," I told myself. That meant that our school was about to get more crowded.

"There will be a chosen few to stay at the school, the names will be posted outside of the classrooms," he continued. "I hope that everyone will be kind to these new students." He smiled nervously, I don't think he was excited about the idea of humans with the Dark Creatures. I didn't like it either.

Some goth girls in the corner where squealing with giddy feelings, I rolled my eyes. It was a weird school after all, most of the kids here were goth. Extremly goth. But not I, I considered myself as an outsider. Yes I wore skinny jeans, and the accasional dress, but my life consisted of more color. I hardly wore black. My hair was dark brown with purple streaks, my eyes were a clouded blue. And every boy stayed away from my colorful clothes.

"I bet you the vampires are goth," one girl giggled.

"I'm going for the werewolf, I heard they're hot," another squealed. Even though they were far away, I had a good sense of hearing. Their minds were filled with sexy vampires, gods, demons, and werewolfs with their shirts off. Those girls had a good imagination.


Right as I walked into the school doors I saw the same giddy girls as yesterday with glum looks on their faces. They all glared at me. I ran over to the bulliten board, scanning for my name.

Fredrick Vence

Gloria Fren

Stormy Grey

Hillary Hues

George Whems

I looked in awe at the only five people still staying at the school. The only five humans.

The End

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