A True Form RevealedMature

He was in an alleyway when he saw his next target. The man was sitting there with a gun on the ground beside him. As he approached the man and spoke,

"Hello, and how is your day going?" The mans head snapped up, and he went reaching for his gun, holding it up.

"Dont move or ill blow your head off." the man said. He kept walking towards him and replied;

"Aw dont be hostile, I wont hurt you... yet," he said with a malicious smile.

"I SAID STOP!!" the man yelled, brandishing the gun. For once he did listen to the man, and halted 15 yards away from the man.

"Shoot me," he dared, standing there. "Im an easy target." The guys hand were shaking and he was sweating.

"Dont move, or I really will," He continued to stand stock still, but shifted his body slightly so his right side was facing more forward.

"DO IT!!" he roared and fake lunged forward. The man fired a shot, and it hit right in him right in the chest, right where he planned. The force of the shot knocked him down to a knee. Then he got back up. The mans eyes went wide, and his jaw dropped. He continued forward straight at the man. The guy couldnt even shoot, he was stunned. He reached the man and knocked the gun out of his hand, and with the other arm grabbed the guys throat lifting him off the ground and slamming him against the wall.

"Who-are-y-you!" the man struggled out, his eyes filled with fear. He laughed and removed his top hat exposing his face. The man emitted a sound between a gasp and a choke. Without the shadow of his hat it fully exposed his twisted face. His face was scarred and the flesh mutilated, and the whole right side was covered in a steel face plate, just like the rest of his right half of his body.

"You can call me... Bionic," he said just before he smashed the mans head against the brick wall.

The End

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