The Fine Art Of KillingMature

He laughed as he watched the pathetic want-to-be killers battled it out with each other. Finally, after little bloodshed between the two of them, he decided it was time for a little intervention. He left his perch, and pulled out his sleek silver revolver. He approached them raising his gun. The one who could see him's mouth opened in surprised as the bullet slammed into his head, blood blossoming. As the other turned, he slid out his knife and buried it in the mans throat. He slid the knife out and started to walk away as the man convulsed on the ground choking on his own blood.
          As soon as he'd heard about this "ISSK" he'd come as fast as he could, interested in the idea. Now that he was here, he relished the chance to show these incompetents how the art of killing was really done. He stood impatiently on the side of the road, waiting for a car to slow. When nothing happened, he sighed, and slid out another gun. He pointed his gun, and sent a hail of bullets into an approaching car, sending in swerving into another, until car after car was piled up in a wreck. He finished the job by pulling the pin from a grenade, and lobbing it into the wreck. He stepped onto the opposite sidewalk, and laughed aloud as a ball of fire erupted behind him. He continued on hunting for the next kill.

The End

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