Hangman's OvertimeMature

The time was here! Kera could have shouted in pleasure if not for her need to stay hidden. It was finally time to play the games! She had prepared for this, afraid it would not happen. But, now that the Killers Game had been declared, her planning had turned out to be worthwhile.

Climbing back towards the bag she had hidden before the meeting, Kera watched the scene of violence below. She spotted a dark haired boy falling to a man's gun, another woman in a fedora taking out a young girl with a dagger, and much more scenes. It wasn't fair. They didn't have to prepare like Kera did!

She reached the bag and began pulling the crossbow out and setting it up for use. Then, she pulled a bolt from the bag and unwound the cord that wrapped around it's shaft. This would be the scene in Jim's Hero's Fall book where multiple rebels were hung in the streets to spread fear. The chapter had been called Hangman's Overtime. It seemed appropriate for the murderers below. 

Kera aimed the crossbow at a man with a beard. He would represent the rebel leader. The cross bow fired and the  bolt flew true, hitting the man in the in the top of the head. Kera quickly pulled him up and tied the string to a metal beam. It was a great start, but one thing made it bad.

The people below now knew her location.

Kera relocated and blended back into the darkness, retrieving another bolt as she ran along the rafters. Gunshots still rang where she had been and a knife even flew up there. That was a good sign. It meant they couldn't see her clearly. Good. The artist could work her magic. Kera adjusted her mask by grabbing it's long nose, then leaned over a beam to find her next target.

The white masked man with tight fitting clothes and a ponytail stood out as the perfect actor for Gerald, the Hero of the rebellion in Hero's Fall. He was the main character. This man, should he know, would be proud to be the main character, surely. The bolt shot down toward the man, only to miss and hit another killer; this one with long golden hair and a pistol. She wouldn't do for the Hero's role, but for one of the rebels...

Kera quickly strung the woman up and went on to the next. She never got that masked man, but she managed nearly ten before her bolts ran out and people cleared out. It was a pity really. She had wanted to get at least twenty. Kera finished tying up the last actor and crawled back toward her bag. She needed to let herself rest... and plan. Not to mention Killers were not allowed to claim victims of anyone other than a killer in the Game. It was a penalty. Jim would be safe when he got out.

It only took moments to change and climb down to the back of the building. No one had seen Jim come out, so he assumed no one knew his sister had been creating art with his body. He sighed. She really liked the pieces she made, so he had to let her do it. Maybe he would stay in town while she created a few more. 

"Hey, taxi!" Jim yelled, hailing the nearest taxi when he made it to the street. As he got in, though, a woman with a fedora jumped in as well. Jim didn't recognize her, but something inside him went off, signalling danger. 

The woman looked him over, mainly his neck, which was covered by a turtleneck to hide the device from the Artists Guild Kera was in, and his ear. Jim didn't have the earpiece in and was glad for it. Who knew what this woman would do if he did. 

"So, how is it going?" Jim asked as the taxi drove down the busy road. The woman did not answer, but instead just rubbed her suitcase in an adoring manner. Was there something important inside? Well, it wasn't for Jim to know.

The taxi drove on in silence.

The End

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