Jacqueline: ChaosMature

The meeting slowly drew to a close, eliciting plenty of yawns from my portion of the large room. I was leaning against a grey table, my neat nails clicking impatiently against the hard surface.

“Now that the formalities have been dealt with, the ISSK has a single announcement left to make.”

I glanced up at the thick French accent, watching as the woman on stage pulled the glass casing off of the podium in front of her and delicately pushed a large, red button.

She looked up, a small smile on her deep red lips.

“Let the games begin.”

I felt the tiny device tied to my neck hum to life, echoed by the earpiece hidden beneath my hair. The thing would be broadcasting each kill, giving a countdown on the contestants remaining. It had pulled me from sleep on a number of occasions with its tinny, mechanical voice. Helped me sleep, actually.

I saw a young girl no more than sixteen rush at me with a jagged knife, her eyes wild and teeth bared. My hands moved of their own will, putting the briefcase down calmly. One grabbed the wrist holding the girl’s weapon and the other wound itself in her hair, pulling her back so that I could laugh into her ear. She struggled impressively, but I wrestled her own blade to her neck with another short laugh.

I dragged it across her skin a moment, enjoying the kill, but forced her hand deep and let her writhing body fall to the floor. My briefcase returned to hand, I manoeuvred through the already fighting crowd and out the doors, bludgeoning a couple stragglers with a few swings of my arm.

The device in my ear was announcing various deaths but I was already tuning out, used to the early bloodbath. I would’ve left, rented a hotel room somewhere to strategize, but the warm lives still on my hands were intoxicating. I had to have more.

I turned sharply into the doorway of a spare room, clicking the briefcase open with bloodied fingers.

Time to get to work. 

The End

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