In The Sewer.Mature

Lacey shot a sceptical look down into the sewer system then looked back up to Abram. Without another word she climbed down and bit back the gag that rose to the back of her throat.
The stench was unbelievable.
Lacey breathed through her mouth to make it more endurable but it only made her taste the foul putrid air.
She doubled over and threw up what remained of what she had for lunch.

“Are you okay?” Abram asked her softly. Lacey nodded and swiped her hand over her mouth and straightened. Her stomach still bubbled and her throat still had the acidic feeling but now that she was down here for at least two minutes she was already growing used to the smell.

“I’m fine. At least I will be.” Lacey said huskily. Abram smiled and nodded and started shuffling down the sewer system. Lacey followed closely behind him. Taking in the sights of the mould covered concrete walls, the brown coloured water and the various rats scurrying along the ledges. 

“So you think that the robbers came through here to get into the museum to get the Katana?” Lacey asked Abram as they slowly trudged along. He chuckled and scanned the sewer intently.

“Not think Dear, I know that they came through here.” He said with an air of confidence.
Lacey nodded slowly and fell silent.

Abram stopped suddenly and held his hand up for her to stop. Lacey stopped and looked at him warily.
“What is it?” She asked him quietly.

He hushed her and pointed at a small crevice in the sewer wall. Lacey eyed it critically and pulled her blades out and started toward it without hesitation.

As she got closer she could see a small crack of light coming from beneath a door. She pushed it open and looked back at Abram to see him behind her and waiting. He gave her a slight nod and Lacey jumped through the door.

When she landed inside the small candle lit room, she saw two grubby men gaping at her in shock. They looked at each other, then at Abram before pulling out small switch blades and charging with screams. She quickly dodged the male and aimed a quick punch at his midriff. He grunted and spun toward her in rage and landed a punch across her jaw. She dropped her knifes as her head whipped to the side and she felt her mouth flood with blood.

The male chuckled manically and grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her toward him.

“You sure are a pretty lady.” He said against her cheek. She gagged at the smell of his breath, which smelled like the sewer and recoiled away from him.
She brought her knee up and kneed him in the family jewels. He let go of her and fell to his knees and cried out in pain. Lacey stumbled and leant against the wall and dragged in deep ragged breaths.

She could hear the sounds of fighting coming from where Abram was with the other man but her attention was focused on the still groaning male in front of her. She grimaced and spat the blood from her mouth and looked down at him. She watched as he stumbled to his feet and moved toward her with his hands out stretched. She ducked beneath his hands and thrust her hand upwards. Her hand smacked against his windpipe and she felt as the breath rushed out of him in one big gust.  He clawed at his throat and gasped frantically. Lacey ignored his struggles to breathe and quickly picked up her knives and held them against his throat.

“Tell me who you are or I’ll slit your throat.” Lacey growled. He gave her a harsh smile and pushed himself against her blades.
Before Lacey could pull back, she felt her knives sink through his flesh then felt the warm flow of blood running down her hands. She let go of the knives and applied pressure to his throat, but it was useless. The blood was pouring out of her hands and the males life was slipping away with each of drop of blood that left his jugular.

Well damn, there goes a lead, Lacey thought to herself. She looked over at Abram and hoped that his opponent was still alive for them to question.

The End

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