The Exit DoorMature

Abram Reich was standing over, what seemed to be, a seemingly uninteresting stone marble floor. He drew the magnifying glass from his pocket and lay flat down against the cold, heartless floor.

His ear was bearing against the museum ground and his eyes scanned the room from this new, precarious position. Nothing untoward. He brought the magnifying glass in front of his eyes. "Aha!!" He screamed. His eyes darted over a small tripod scrap on the ground. A police man attempted to approach the German as he slumped over his discovery. "Stay back! Can you not see there is a genius at work!" The man nearly fell flat on his back  as he attempted to retreat from the angry German.

 The three police men that were on guard in the room with Abram started casually chatting amongst themselves. Abram sighed loudly and raised his gaze so that he could lock eyes with all of them. "Gentlemen, you will stop talking, or leave." The three men shared looks between them and walked simultaneously out of the room.

Abram muttered something inaudible to himself and continued to inspect the tripodical markings on the ground. The German noted the fact that the marks all were all encircled by a spherical object of around twenty seven centimeter radius. Reich noted this on the notepad he had laid down on the floor to his left knee. He noted the observations in pencil.

A loud knocking noise rumbled by the entrance to the grand hall. Reich let out a frustrated cry. "Can I not have ten minutes of peace so that I may work. God why can you not...." Abram stopped talking mid sentence after he raised his gaze to the doorway.  "Lacey my dear. I apologize. I have been working with fools all day. They have not given me a moments peace!" Reich proceeded to stalk across the room and shake Ms Brdigewaters hand in a professional, but affectionate, manner. "Abram. Why do we only ever converse when there is trouble? Just one time you will send me a telegram wishing to join you in sharing a cup of tea." Abram chuckled slightly but let the atmosphere maintain its business state. He indicated with his free hand to the spot he had been studying moments earlier.

"My dear. Here I have concluded that they used some weighting device to maneuver the katana from its case." Abram was indicating towards the tripod markings on the ground. "I believe this is where they set up the weight system. Notice the marks. The size and radius which they are set indicates the object to be no taller then moi. Therefore we can conclude the object is easily transported. Which means the men could have easily walked away from the scene of the crime. I have of course checked the perimeter and the court yard to the rear of the building, but I have found absolutely nothing. Which means they did not walk out in the same manner we came in. My dear lady, do you have a weapon with you?" Lacey blushed slightly and drew out a her favoured pair of short curved falcatta daggers from under her over coat. "Do these suffice Mr Reich?" A smiled crossed the Germans face.

"They are more than adequate. And I know how the robbers departed my dear." Lacey also smiled a little. She covered the weapons once again and replied. "Really? Now how is that?" Abram chuckled to himself. "I hope that dress is not new."

Abram Reich turned and walked, with a new vigor, to the side corridor. The hall was much like the first, only not as large. But half way down, on the right hand side, between two statues of Roman warriors, lay a large round trap door. "I would insist you go first Lacey, but I don't believe you would appreciate being the first to step down into London's sewer system..."

The End

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