Lacey hated it when people never treated things with respect. Most importantly when they were her things.

She seethed in anger as she carefully cleaned the khopesh sword that, that idiot had taken from her home. She wiped away the dirt that had gotten on it and the small flecks of blood along the hilt of the sword. Lacey wished that she could kick him one more time, just for a way to get out her frustration that was building within her and had no way of escaping.

She finished cleaning the blade and carried it over to the empty case that she kept it in, and slowly placed it within the case. She closed and locked it and wiped her hands on her apron. She slowly shuffled over to her bedroom and fel on her bed in an exhausted heap and closed her eyes to sleep.

                                                                *   *   * 
Lacey slwoly blinked awake to the smell of fresh porridge. Her belly rumbled in hunger as she got out of bed and walked into the kitchen area to see her cousin Luke scooping the porridge into two bowls.

"Morning Lacey." He said cheerfully. She just grunted and sat down and dug into her porridge. Luke raised his eyebrows at her and sat down to eat is meal.
Lacey sat back with a sigh and folded her arms across her chest.

"He took my khopesh sword, tried to attack me with it then threw it on the concrete and got the bloody thing dirty." She told Luke grumpily. He looked at her with wide eyes.
"He attacked you with a sword?" He asked her in surprise. Lacey nodded.
"Yes, but I'm angry that he didn't treat it with any respect at all. that sword is hundreds of  years old!" She took a calm breath and closed her eyes and tipped her head back.

"Lacey you could've been killed, yet you're worried that he may have gotten an ancient sword dirty?" Luke asked in disbelief. Lacey opened her eyes and shrugged.

"I know how to defend myself Luke, he wouldn't have killed me with that sword. Plus, you insult any man's ego and all rational thoughts leave their brains." She said calmly. Luke sighed and opened his mouth to say something more when a loud knock sounded at the door.

He got up and answered the door. "Telegram for a Ms Lacey Bridgewater." A young male announced. lacey got up and took the telegram from him and tore it open and read it outloud.
"Another issure. London Museum. Precautions not currently needed. Get here as soon as possible. AR." Lacey smiled and jogged into her room and started packing.

She knew that whenever Mr. Reich called her into a case that it always involved the thing she was most possionate about.
And if it was at the London Museum then it was going to be something old and very valuable. Lacey finished her hasty packing and trotted to the front door and stopped to hug Luke good- bye and made her way way to the London Museum.

Lacey knew this was going to be good, she could it in her bones and felt it boiling within the pit of her stomach.

The End

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