Weapons, whether they're big or small blunt or sharp they're all the same. They're designed to kill or seriously injure a person or animal.

Lacey Bridgewood knew this all too well as she watched the lone male close in on her with an antique khopesh sword clutched tightly within his hands.
Lacey backed up against the cold concrete wall that was behind her and swallowed in fear.
Her gaze was locked on the deadly curved of the khopesh sword, the blade was rusted very slightly from age but it was still sharp enough  to tear through human flesh.

Lacey shivered at the image that popped into her mind and brought her hands up.
"Look, can't we just talk about this?" She asked the male, whose name she hadn't learnt.
He smiled a malicious smile and raised the sword higher as he shuffled closer to Lacey. She bit back a whimper and pressed herself against the wall even more.
"What is there to talk about? Thanks to you the police know what I did. I will not be locked away!" He shouted at her.

Then the fear in Lacey begun to recede. He was just like every other criminal, blaming her for their crimes. She raised her chin in the air proudly, she met his gaze and glared at him. She could hanndle him, she knew she could, and that gave her the strength to do just that.
"Without that sword, you're nothing but pathetic." Lacey spat at him. He narrowed his beady brown eyes at her and dropped the sword. She winced when it clattered to the ground loudly.

He bounced on his toes lightly and geastured for her to go closer to him. Lacey clenched her hands into fists and moved away from the wall. She slowly walked forward until she was only three feet away from him and watched him carefully.

With a loud shout he swung his fist at her. She tried to move out of the way but she wasn't fast enough. His fist made contact with left side of her jaw, the force of the hit made her head whip to the side.
He cackled and danced around her. "You're weak!" He shouted at her.
She did her best to ignore the pain as she brushed her hand over her jaw lightly then moved into a fighting stance.

Power thrummed through her veins as she swung her leg outwards to smack into the back of his knee. His leg buckled, forcing him to fall to his knees on the concrete in front of her. She stood before him with a wry smile on her face.
"How ironic." She drawled.
He looked up at her in shock. "Please don't hurt me." He begged. Lacey scoffed and went over ot pick up the discarded khopesh sword. Whistles sounded in the distance as the sound of barking dogs and running footsteps sounded.

"I don't need to." Lacey murmured as she turned her back on him and walked toward the police officers that sprinted toward her.

The End

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