The Katana ConundrumMature

A collaborative story between DTMN and Li17 based around the investigation of a stolen Japanese Katana from a London Museum in the year 1900.

A banging sound reverberated off the hall door of Abram Reich's two bedroom, one kitchen, one lounge apartment. The frustrating cries of an elderly women cried through the cracks at the doors base and echoed in the Germans ear as he lay on the sate in the lounge, a book resting on his chest and a cigar hanging from his thin mouth.

"Abram Reich  I know your in there!" The woman's voice was slightly crackly and dry, with a tint of an English accent. The German rose from his position of comfort and stalked silently to the door. The woman was still knocking heavily when the door slipped open. 

"Miss Tumbler. What seems to be the fuss?" Reich's German accent was faint against his rich voice. "If you are here about the rent, here it is." Abram handed a thick black envelope to the old woman. Her facial expression transformed from frustrated to surprised. "Where is my newspaper my dear?" Abram let the end of his cigar ash to fall to the ground at his feet. It landed between his purple slippers. The ladies mouth fell. "My newspaper Miss Tumbler? Where is it?" She faintly lifted her left hand, in it the newspaper was hanging tentatively.

The German snatched it, swiveled on his slippers. He swung the door and let it slide back into its locked position. Abram resumed his previous seating arrangement and opened the newspaper on his lap. 

A small sealed letter lay in the newspapers heart. Abram stretched his free right hand blindly to his side table. He randomly searched the table before he pricked his hand against the letter opener. A small drop of blood fell onto the wooden surface. 

The German ignored the small wound for now. And slipped the letter opener under the seal and ripped it open swiftly. A small document lay within its confines.

Dear AR.

I return to you with yet another issue that troubles me and my own. A valuable belonging of mine, that was until most recently, on display in London Museum, has been stolen by an unknown assailant. 

The object with which I refer to, of course, is a rare Japanese Katana that has been in my family for a numerous amount of generations. 

I offer to you, your usual fee if you can recover the Katana safely. Nothing if the ancient weapon is not returned to me, its rightful owner.

Sincerely your friend, and temporary employer,

Duke Robert Wilkington. 

"I do enjoy receiving my usual fee..." Abram chuckled to himself as he rose from his seat and walked without a sound to his wardrobe. He proceeded to swing the old wooden door open to reveal several black suits. Each were custom made and consisted of seven silver buttons that matched the cuff-links.

Hidden behind the suits lay two distinctive black  trench coats, and resting on them was a pair of M1911 pistols. Abram holstered the twin weapons and and wraped the coat around his dressed shoulders.

The German strode out the door and down the three flights of stairs and out the main door of his apartment block. The London Museum patiently awaited his peculiarly interesting professional touch.

The End

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