Angel The Adventurer

As I moved myself and Roxy onto Del’s little boat, cold and wet out in this stormy sea, my hands and feet started to glow. It was a sensational feeling as I felt the glow warm them, flex them, and even mould them…

Then the glow engulfed my body. It covered it and lovingly smothered it, leaving no nook or cranny undisturbed. Luckily for me, this was actually a very pleasant and joyful feeling.

I breathed out, and the glow breathed out with me, as though it was actually coming from inside me.

Looking down, I noticed that my clothes had changed. Now I was wearing a short red tunic, leafy in texture, and thigh-high brown boots. The first thought that came to me was: Gosh, now I’m going to look like an autumn tree, what with my bushy hair et al…

Then the knowledge hit me like a golden light bulb. Why hadn’t I thought of that straight away? The 271 pages I had created (with various different scenarios and characters) in this land of Protagonize so far were definitely more than 250 (unless I had some crazy unreliable Counting machine).

I must be evolving into an Adventurer!

With the glory of my whole transformation still upon me, I wrote in some antiseptic cream and a few plasters for Roxy’s hand.

After all, Del could deal with saving the day, when all I had ever wanted to do was save my friend!

The End

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