Angel: Del! What Can You Do?

“Delll!!” I yelled, making my voice as loud as it possibly could be (with, perhaps, the exception of when I am yelling at someone) and waving my hands vigorously up high, next to Spook who was doing the same.

All because we had spotted the little rowing-boat quickly making its way to our spinning-out-of-control ship lost in the Sea of The Lost. Coincidence? I didn’t think so.

I glanced swiftly down at Umber, who was tending to Roxy’s hand wound. Mask leaped up beside me and snapped at the approaching Delorfinde, like the little Gambler she was.

Del looked different too, since we last spoke; more powerful, more ‘shining’ as though she has evolved.

“I’m the second ever Argonaut,” She called to Mask.

Wow, Del’s an Argonaut…yet I’m not even an Adventurer. I felt a spark of jealousy arise in my chest, but I pushed the feelings away and waved harder. She’s here to help us, remember, you idiot.

“Delll! What can you do? Your boat’s a bit on the small size.”

“Angel! Hi, and just trust me, this boat’s stronger than it looks.”

“I do trust you,” I called back as she got closer, “But…”

“I understand.”

“We’ve got wounded here!” Called Umber.

Del’s magical boat bounced against the side of ours, rocking it precariously,

“Sure, get her here first. And the rest of you, hurry up, it looks like you’re gonna run out of time.”

The End

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