Delorfinde: Rescue!

I rowed my little boat frantically. It wasn't large enough for this sort of weather, but I could see the other boat rocking wildly, the Protagonizers panicking and flailing their arms. I had to get to them somehow!

"Hey!" I called out, mentally calculating whether they would fit in my boat. It didn't look like much, but it was stronger than you would expect. The wood was imbued with a strange kind of magic: not mine, of course. I wasn't magical. But I was an Argonaut.

"Del?" Spook called out, her hair dripping wet. "Del, is that you?"

"Yes!" I replied. "I'm here to help you. At least ... I think I can help you. Don't move. I reckon you can fit in my boat and it's stronger than yours."

"How can you help?" One of the Protagonizers had the cheek to glare at me. "What's your rank, anyway?"

"You don't know who I am?" I replied. "I'm Delorfinde. I was the second ever Swashbuckler and now I'm the second-ever Argonaut -- this is my one thousand and first page -- and ... well, I'm here to rescue you."

The End

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