Crystal: Everythings going wrong

"Oh, crap" I realise to wheel writing in a rope and toss it out. Chimera gets hold of it and with difficultly I hoist him up most of the way.

"Stay there" I shout at him.

"I'm suspended in air next to a boat I dont think I could move" Chimera says. I shake my head. I write in another rope. I tie one end round my waist and the other to the boat.

Then I run up and perform a perfect arc dive. I look around and see the broken rudder. I write in a new one and fix it on.

My throat is burning and I swim quickly to the surface. My limbs are acheing and I pull myself up on to the boat realising Chimera has pulled himself back up.

I fall onto the deck shivering. I get to my feet and run to the wheel then turn. I yank the ship starboard.

And away from the sirens. I flop against the wheel shaking my head. "Is nothing going to go right?" I ask Spooks as she comes up to stand next to me. 

The End

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