Spook: Damn, Damn, Damn...

Rocks! Damn, damn, damn, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. Screwballs.

I grit my teeth and move over to where Crystal is wrestling with the rudder. Blasted thing's stuck by something, and we don't know what. I fire several rifle shots into the water to dissuade any sirens who might have thought it to be a good joke, but nothing moves beneath the water. Evidently whatever's got a hold of us is a lot more thick than a siren. Or just a hell of a lot bigger.

Even as I think it, another siren rears up out of the water. I turn my rifle on it and pepper it with gunshots, snarling in frustration.

"What's up with that bleeding rudder?" I call back, beginning to freak out. Crystal shrugs and I go back to hunting for sirens to shoot.

I just hope they figure something out soon. I don't like water...

The End

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