Chimera: I'm on a boat!

Okay ever since I heard that damm song I can't help but think of it when I get on a boat. I head to the Rideau canal or just go on a ferry all I can think is.

Aww sh*t ,  get your towels read  its about to go down! every body has a place on the deck, but stay on your muther***kin....  The boat begins to shake and shift, and I fall on my bottom.... Toes. I get up I could hear the sirens songs.  To everyone else its enchanting but to me it excruating.  I hit the deck again , screaming in pain. My eyes roll back into my head.

" Chimera!" Someone voice yells. I can't see them.

" Shoot me!" I cry holding my ears.

" Put this wax in your ears!"   I take the wax but know too well it doesn't stinking matter, I fill my ears with the wax. Tha pain lessens , enough to think and move.  I take out the auger. A siren jumps to arc over the bow. I fire the trigger a golden bolt hits its mark.

" Why aren't you entranced by there song?"  Goldenlilac asks from behind me.

" Long story short, The chimera I speak of aren't from greek mythology, but however sirens apparently an ancient way of combating the chimeren furies. Now your probably wondering why this ties into me. The chimera I speak of reproduce through infecting others species. I'm infected, but immune well thats if... I keep it in check. A price to pay for hunting them, but they are a few benefits of being infected but immune rapid rejuvination, and sped up reflexes. Uh , oh." I say then get cut off.

" Rocks!" Spook yells from somewhere on the boat.

I run up to the helm Crystal was having issues turning the ship. It was jammed. That can't possibly be good.

The End

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