Spook: Wax!

Sirens. Gods know I hate sirens.

I shove my hands over my ears, snarling irritably. Blasted fish things, why don't they come closer so I can blow a few holes in them. I knew I brought the blasted rifle for a reason. And a few grenades might not go amiss...

The siren song grew steadily louder. I mutter a curse and pull a clod of candlewax out of my bag, humming loudly to block the singing. I grab a couple of clods and shove them in my ears before passing it around the group:

"Shove this stuff in your ears! It'll cut out the singing!"

Hey, it worked for Odysseus it can work for us. One of the Mercenaries complains but I glare at them and they drop it. They evidently know better than to mess with me by now.

Now all we have to do it sit here, ears full of candle wax, and wait...

The End

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