Crystal: I have a better Idea of getting lost

"I think I have a better idea" I say smiling at everyone. They seem worried at my new happyness and I swear theres a slightly devilish glint in my eye.

I run up to the wheel and grab hold of it. "Get on the floor or be ready to fall!" I shout. Everyone jumps down just as I write it wind and spin the wheel.

We all tumble on the floor. When the wave calm I jump up and look around. "See" I say. "Now we are lost"

I look down at the book just as M, Dotty and Umber come and stand next to me leaning at the wheel.

"Hmm, I swaer right about now something gonna ha-" I don't get to finish my scentence something leaps over the boat in a perfect arc.

"What the hell was that?" Someone shouts.

"Great.... Guys, cover your ears we have sirens" I shout.

The End

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