Umber:Getting lost? Not that hard

Umber smiled at Angel only to realize that she probably couldn't see it through the large scarf the girl wore. Angel was the only one who had taken the time to say hello personally. The rest had simply accepted the odd girl's sudden appearance and paid her no more mind. Umber sidled up behind the Argonaut and Dotty and saw that the Sea of the Lost was nothing more than an unmarked space on the map.

"You know, getting lost is a very easy thing. Shall I show you?"  From deep within her coat she pulled out a black hardbound sketchbook amd a silver pencil. With a grunt, she tore away the scarf to reveal brown flushed cheeks and pursed lips. With an almost frenzied air, she attacked the sketchbook with the poised pencil. Each stroke made her a little more diaphanous. Right before she disappeared, she lifted the pencil from the page and returned in full.

"See? I just lost myself in drawing characters who never made it beyond a couple of old sketchbook pages. All each of you has to do is call to a character that never was and they'll call to you. And don't say that you don't have any, you're all Protagonizers. What are we without our stories?" 





The End

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