Dotty: How do you steer this thing?

After escaping from fog monsters and crossing terrain that exploded beneath our feet we finally made it to The Sea if the Lost where there were boats waiting for us.  We split into groups and climbed into the boats.  I followed M and Crystal, the two people I knew most.

'OK then so where are we going?'  I asked as we pulled away from the shore.

'I'm not sure.'  Crystal was staring hard at her map.  'The Sea of the Lost doesn't have much detail on the map.  In fact it doesn't have any.'  I looked over her shoulder to see a blank space with The Sea of the Lost written in elegant writing over it.

'Well, if the title is anything to go by then we are going to have to get lost to find where we want to go.'  I suggested.

'I don't like the sound of that,' said Crystal nervously.  For an Argonaut she wasn't as adventurous as I had expected.

'I'm with Dotty on this one.'  It was nice that M valued my opinion.  'We're just going to have to find a way of telling the others what they have to do.'

The End

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