Chimera: Storm lands parting gift

" I don't see a problem with it." I say as M , and Crystal give Umberchild a proper greeting.I walk over to Spook.

" Thanks back there. Didn't think a fogbeast would ever catch me off gaurd like that. If it weren't for you I think , I would be a bloody mess right now."

" Your welcome. Nextime however you should invite people instead of take of on your own." Spook lectures me a little.

" Yeah, next time." I mutter.   I swing my sword down to the ground cleaning it of blood then putting it back into a sheath.

For a few hours we treck in the stormlands getting very close to the salt smell of an ocean. However I felt becide the fog beast incident the stormlands have been rather to easy.  I keep an watchful eye around the surrounding area. For a while now I been watching a large hurricane like cloud only a hundred miles off. I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to change course rapidly or change course with out notice, but it is the stormlands and well obviously it must be stormy. Or maybe it is a misconception.  I consider that for a moment until it hits me or well all of us I say.

The ground become absurdly hot and begins to shake.  then everything goes to hell in a handbasket. The ground just a little ahead of us blows up wards  sending us all to our knees.  It was like an earthquake but off to our right I see a gieser of lava.

" Stormlands where the storm is in the land." Crystal explains as the ground below us begins to rise vertically.  A few of the lower levels lose there grip and fall to the down to the hazardourus lava filled ground. 

" We need to get to the see of the lost, without deaths perferablly" Someone up ahead says. 

" Well staying here isn't going to help!" I drop down , and use the secondary function trigger on the auger to make a shield  a river of lava.  Everyone drops down all knowing what was going to have to happen.

" To the see of the lost!" M yells.

" Just what we need to be even more lost." A disgrunteled looking Element.

 A gieser of lava pops out just we had ran over. Hot droplets of molten rock begin to block out pat at everyturn.

" I wish I had a volcanic umbrella." I mutter as I charge without  hesistation towards the burning hot rain.


The End

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