Spook: Carnage!

Okay. Now this was getting ridiculous.

I stood at the edge of the group, watching the panic unfold around me. Chimera was grappling with some fierce creature and everyone else was trying to run for cover. All save Crystal, who had taken shelter in a cave and was scribbling frantically. I decide not to disturb her, after all she could be doing something important. In the meantime, I'm going to sort this pandemonium out.

"STOP!" I yowl, voice echoing in a most satisfying manner around the group. They stop and look at me, some with fear and others with confusion.

"Pack it in!" I snap again, "either get over there and help Chimera or get out of the way. You're armed aren't you, use them for gods sake!"

Thank god for Army training, I think as I step into the masses, shooing people out of my path. Not that I need bother, they step apart fairly compliantly. Whether it's my rank, or the enormous rifle in my hand I have no idea. I herd those unwilling to fight into a small group, telling them to stay put or I'll flay them alive, then lead the braver ones over to the sound of the commotion.

This is working better than I expected.

The End

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