Crystal: Everyone is going nuts

I sigh and slump to the floor. Great, now!

After the canyon everyone was going nuts. I could hardly say I wasn't as well.... I was actually. My brain hurt. I hadn't wrote in a while it was like I had no access to any of my equiptment in a while.

Probably something stupid. I pull out my book and quill with never ending surply of ink and began writing. I needed to write while I could.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up at M.

"Shouldn't you be helping him?" I look at where he was pointing. Chimera was again fighting some strange beast.

"Uh, he can handle it" I say waving a hand dismissively. I jump to my feet. "I'm heading off"

"Hey!" M shouts. "Wait!"

Everyone kept wondering off why could't I? Besides I wanted to find Angel, Roxy and Mask.

They had wondered off and I was quite worried.

The End

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