Angel: Walking Away From The Monsters

The fight continued but I couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly I heard shouting. Pushing my way through the thickness I heard the angry voice of the new Gambler, Mask.

“You hit me with…with that! You little…”

Then I heard muttering that sounded very much like Chimera, and soon I stumbled upon a sword and a notepad and pen. The latter stuff must be Mask’s. I ran over to where I could hear the sounds coming from; it sounded like Mask was starting to get vicious.

“Hey, cut it out,” I said, stepping close to where I thought they were. It was quite funny, actually, to hear conversation and be so close, yet not really be able to see what on Earth was going on.

“Here’s your stuff,” I said, politely pushing the notepad and pen in Mask’s general direction.

“Thanks,” was the reply, then Mask was silent for a bit whilst she scribbled something into the notepad. I felt her stand up next to me. “You were?”

“Angel. I hope you’re alright now.”

“I’m fine. Let’s get out of here.”

But then, as we made our way in the direction of light, I got separated from her again.

“Hello…?” A new voice called near me.

“Dotty…was it? Hi I’m Angel.” Before we had a chance to say anymore, we were bumped into and then thrown out of the fog.

“What the Hay?” I said my trademark non-swearword loudly. And got a few odd looks. Luckily Roxy was there and she laughed at my consistence at not swearing. It’s a thing I had with her…

Unfortunately Chimera told us that the fog was actually a monster, which really confused me. I mean, how can something harmless and natural be a deadly creature?

I saw how Dotty managed to walk into the Stormland without getting hurt. She had fog on her head, just like we did right then.

“Onwards I suppose…” I muttered to Roxy and Mask who were beside me. We shouldn’t have walked away from the group, but we did.

The End

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