Chimera: It is coming

We all gathered around the outside of the fog some people seemed pretty disgrunteled.

" Alright chimera what was with the disapearing ac..." Spook starts.

" Shh. Its coming." I say hearing the predators footsteps. Well it was hard to tell for someone not used to the job they would just believe it to be russling of grass.

" What are you on about?"

" The fog it not natural."

" really. You must be insane." 

" Not entirely." I mutter then look up the predator grinning down un us. Everyone followed my line of site.

" Move, now!" I cry as I jump auger in hand, I shoot but it had no effect, " Crap this thing doesn't take damage from projectile weapons." I say as it hits me upwards.  I fly in a smoot arc and hit the ground. It razor sharp tail jabbing at me I deflect it off with my sword.

" Oi if you get the chance stab its belly or its face." I say as I have a dual with its flexible extendable sword like tail. It takes a half minute before I cut off everyone else was holding the beast off.

" What are you out of fog pal?" I ask  jumping onto its grey back.

Bad question as it release more in self defence and throws me to the ground my sword flying across the ground it pinned me between its claws.  If I moved a limb it would get seared off by its far sharper than a razor claw.

The End

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