Mask: Alone

Mask looked around the mist and saw she was alone.  She'd lost sight of Chimera and Crystal...  How could she have been so stupid?

A warm blanket of humid air surrounded her body.  Maybe I'm still not ready for this, she thought to herself grimly.  Trying with all her might, she winced and attempted to see through the thick fog.  Despite her best efforts though, she knew the truth.  She was alone. 

Suddenly, a sound erupted from her right.  "Hello?"  She whispered hoarsly, "Chimera?  M?  Who is that?" 

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a dark shape swiftly moving over the ground.

She took her pen and steno pad out of her backpack.  "I have gotta get out of this."  Mask mumbled.  As she crouched down and began to put her pen to the notebook paper, something hit her from the side, sending her cascading into the dry, cracked surface.

Struggling to get up, she looked around for her writing supplies, but they were gone.  "Oh god..."  She shivered.  Her skull throbbed relentlessly, forcing her to move her hand up to her forehead.  There was blood.

Suddenly, Chimera walked out of the fog.  "Heheh, um...  Oops..."  He chuckled, not so innocently.

Mask felt her anger reach it's boiling point.  "You hit me with...  With that!" She screamed, raising her voice (and her fist) "You little..."

A Mercenary walked between us.  "Cut it out!"  She said, humerously.  "Here's your stuff."  The girl said, handing Mask her pad and pen.

"Thanks."  Mask said, quickly before writing away her painful gash.

The End

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