Crystal: Ouch

I duck something missing me. I write in a flash light then scream.

I really don't like this. Something hits me and I go rolling. I jump up to my feet with ease. I write in a thin sword and slice up cutting something.

Great lost my torch. Can't see the others and I don't know what the heck I'm fighting.

Comotion is going on all around me. I hear a yelp and run off in direction of that.

I jump over a sweeping object then thwack!

I fall into chimerakiller. "What the hell?" he gasps.

Then something comes flying at us I sweep my sword and it slices something.

"Ewww!" I moan.

"Get off me" Chimera fumes. I get off and he begins attacking the.... thing. I really should have payed more attention to the group.

I have to slice up. This is really getting old.

The End

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