Spook: Edgy

I followed Angel into the cloud, clutching my rifle so hard it dug into my fingers. I didn't like having to do this, and the smoke stank like the bottom of a very old medieval toilet. Not to mention it was so dense I could scarcely see a damned thing.

A noise from behind me sent me whipping around, rifle aimed and snarling. A gambler squeaked and darted away. I rolled my eyes and turned around, resuming my skitsy stalking through the crowd. Gods I wish I had someone here to watch my back, maybe I wouldn't be so freaked out then. Where the heck was Chimera when I needed him? Galabanting off hunting critters, no doubt.

Finally, I came up behind Angel in the fog, making her jump slightly. However, I think she recognised me before doing anything drastic and we tried to keep as close to the rest of the group as possible, her in front and me stomping along in my enormous boots behind.

If only my knees would stop shaking, I might actually look intimidating.

The End

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