Angel: Stepping In

I didn’t like this. I didn’t like this one bit. Not only had one person gone missing, but the purple-ness before us was deep and horrible, like a mass of evil minds and the spirits of evil characters.

The scream that wracked the air didn’t do anything to help my fear of the task ahead.

It was Chimera who was missing. I rolled my eyes; trust him to go off and have his own little adventure whilst the rest of us toil on with the work.

"We need to find him.” Crystal took charge as muttering began to spread through the group again.

“Shouldn’t we be moving on?” I asked, a little frustrated. I mean, it was technically his fault that he had wandered off on his own and got lost…And believe me, I should know.

“Family comes first,” Crystal told me, “The safety and well-being of the group is more important than reaching immortality.”

I suppose that she was right. In a way we are all one big family, striving for the same goals and sometimes pushing each other down to get them. Why though did we all have to make our way back, I’d never know. One or two maybe…

And yet I moved with the swarm, doing as the collective will wished, and all to help our fellow traveller.

Suddenly people towards the front of the group started stopping, causing a ripple-effect through our company and ending with even us at the back stopping and looking ahead in dismay. Thick smog blocked our path but it didn’t stop the sounds reaching our ears. A fight was clearly going on beyond this solid haze.

“Any ideas how to see through the fog?” I called out.

“I think we just go in,” Spook replied.

I sighed. I really didn’t want to step into something unknown…It was like walking through a forest without a map.

All the same, I readied myself and, taking a deep breath, I stepped in.

The End

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