Chimera: I disapear

As everyone talked about our next course of action I feel a distinctive draw to wander away from the group. I mean it was a stupid thing to do but it was over powering feeling. In a semi defence i bring one of my favoured blades to a faster draw posistion and loaded a gun from resitance fall of man called an auger. Built by the chimera it could fire through several walls and on the secondary function trigger made shield lasting for only a minute. Yeah to kill a chimera using chimeran weapons make it easier to kill the buggers. 

I look behind me nobody seemed to notice my comrades didn't notice my disapearance.That seemed fine they disappear from sight as a sudden fog comes along it was so dence I couldn't see my hand if I put it directly above my face. I hold the auger in up something was telling me I had done something stupid and I was going to pay for it.  It felt like a typical horrow movie or story the fog just didn't feel right. I take a look at a comppass to see if I strayed largely off course but the damm needle was spinning rapidly. That gave me a clue whatever was around me was either magnetic or was electro magentic. 

Something yanks at my foot and hulls me up in the air my gun and my compass falling to thr ground. I keep calm as my sword falls into my hand , time for a fight, fun.  I make a lazy swing cutting whatever yanked at my foot. I fall to the ground but flip over to land on my two feet.  The creature disapeared into the fog. Obviously looking for weaker prey. I pick my auger and compass up the ground. I hear a shrill shreak to my right. I  run faster than any human towards the shreik, bump into something grey. I stab done into the grey hyde, the beast made a scream of pain I heard someones body fling to the ground. The monster began to run around my blade still plunged deep into its body.

I hold on with death grip as my body is flung around until the sword dislodges itself from the monster. This damm fog was getting in the way of finding this beast. That meant relasing an aura powerful enough to manipulate air. Luckily for a swashbuckler thats childsplay. My eyes glow a faint blue flame as the fog betweens to clear around me. As it cleared more I saw that the rest of us had been seperated. From the sky a beast landed it seemed to be making the fog from the pores of its hyde. 

" Lets take this thing down!" I yell charging forwards slicing down giving the beast a deep cut wich made him fly  backwards. The only problem with releasing the aura was that it made fights to easy. The beast had lost most of its agility and strength but it wasn't ready to give up yet.

The End

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